Greece | Travel guide : Discover the magical DELPHI region

Greece | Travel guide : Discover the magical DELPHI region

Welcome to #Amfissa, capital of the prefecture of Fokida and seat of the municipality of Delphi.
#Excursion #Delphi

#Video Contents:
00:01 Introduction
00:48 Amfissa
03:11 Kehagia Square
03:16 Isaiah Square
03:30 Harmena
03:53 Castle
04:15 Archaeological Museum
04:28 Greek Revolution Museum
04:39 Carnival
04:45 Parade April 10
05:04 Itea
05:24 Galaxidi
05¨53 Eratini
06:12 Lidoriki
06:25 Delphi
07:12 Maps

Let’s uncover the beauties and #sights of the space, akin to #Lidoriki with its lake, #Itea, #Galaxidi, #Erateini and naturally the #navel of the #Earth, Delphi.

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We are situated in the coronary heart of #Roumeli. Amfissa is embraced by the mountains Giona and #Parnassos. It is situated in the northern a part of an enormous historic olive grove known as Crisaio Pedio, and is protected as a part of the #Delphic Landscape. The well-known “Amphissa olives” with a protected designation of origin are produced right here.

The inhabitants of the metropolis is nearly 7 thousand inhabitants, who in the previous had been engaged in professions akin to tanning, bell-making and rope-making, for which Amfissa was identified. Today, most of the inhabitants are engaged in #olive cultivation.

It lies 200 km from #Athens, simply 20 km from Delphi and 73 km from #Lamia

According to mythology, the metropolis owes its title to Amfissa, daughter of Makaros, granddaughter of #Aeolos and lover of the God #Apollo. Amfissa means a metropolis surrounded (by mountains on this case).
It has been inhabited since historic occasions as evidenced by the #Acropolis Walls, and stories by Pausanias. The inhabitants of Amfissa and wider #Locris migrated to Lower Italy the place they based the colony of the Epizephyrians of #Locri, a metropolis that exists to today below the title of Locri. In the Peloponnesian War he sided with Sparta, whereas later #Philip of #Macedon will utterly demolish it as a punishment for disrespect.

After the 4th #Crusade in 1204, the #Franks conquered the metropolis and known as it La Sole, which in Greek was translated as #Salona. The well-known folks music says: Lambs are being slaughtered in the salons, #Maria Pentagiotissa.

Amfissa is adorned with many neoclassical buildings and previous folk-style #mansions The higher sq. (Kehagia) is the non secular and creative heart of Fokida and the decrease sq. or Isaia Square, is the important heart of the metropolis with a mess of outlets and companies.

Harmena is the previous quarter of tanners (or tobacconists). Here is the municipal artwork gallery, many listed buildings and conventional taverns. A journey into the medieval custom of the region.

The Castle of Salona or #Castle of #Oria, affords a vast view of the metropolis and the plain. Here was the citadel of historic Amfissa, from which stays of the historic #Cyclopean Walls are preserved. Ruins of the #Byzantine Tower of the Queen and the Frankish Church are nonetheless preserved.

The #Archaeological #Museum of Amfissa is housed in the constructing the place the 1st National Assembly of Eastern Greece happened. It homes findings from the space and the spectacular statue of #Persephone from historic Kallio.

Opposite we discover the Panourgia home, a pattern of native structure of the 18th century, which homes the Museum of the Greek Revolution.

Finally, the #Carnival of Amfissa stands out with the revival of native legends, whereas on April 10 the anniversary of the fall of the Castle of Salona is solemnly celebrated, with a parade of scholars, military and safety forces.

Itea is the port of Amfissa and is a well-liked vacation spot in the summer season season.

Galaxidi is a phenomenal #maritime state that can delight you!

#Erateini is a big seaside village with scrumptious fish.

Lidoriki is a conventional headland that’s washed by Lake Mornos. An ideally suited vacation spot for nature lovers in all seasons.

And lastly Delphi. One of the holiest locations of Antiquity, well-known for the #Oracle and its #enigmatic oracles.

What your eyes noticed on this video and the way distinctive you’ll expertise whenever you do that tour will handle to captivate you. In #Focis, this particular place of Roumeli, there may be a lot magnificence and vitality that your batteries will likely be totally charged. And you’ll breathe free, with out stress, misery and ideas.

Paradise on earth has a reputation and it’s situated in #Greece.

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